Use of ZeroSSL certificates on free tier

Hi All,

I was wondering if it was possible to use the Cloudflare proxy service but also have it present my ZeroSSL certificate instead of the included LetsEncrypt certificate?

The only possible option I have found is the upload feature under edge certificates but it says I need to pay $200 a month to unlock this ability, my current free workaround is to just use CF as a DNS which then presents the ZeroSSL certificate applied to my local servers NGINX setup.

It would be good to use ZeroSSL under proxy as some older devices can still validate these certificates, which is unfortunately not the case for LetsEncrypt certificates anymore.

No, but you can switch your free plan’s certificate to DigiCert.

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Thanks for the quick response it is much appreciated - I will do some use tests with the DigiCert setup

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This is now working great for me - thank you sdayman

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