Use of Wildcards with Sub Directories

  1. Page Rule 1 - I would like to use Always Online: On, Cache Level: Standard, Edge Cache TTL to cover two websites: domain/news/ and domain/test-platform/ - Would the following rule cover this? domain/*

  2. Page Rule 2 - I would like to Bypass back-end pages for both websites. Would the following rule cover this? domain/wildcard/wp-admin/*

  3. Page Rule 3 - I would like uploaded content to be Always Online and Cache Everything. Would the following rule cover this: domain/wildcard/wp-content/*

In the above rules I have written wildcard to mean *

Last but not least would this be the best order for the 3 rules?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Your Rule #1 should be last, as that’s going to match everything. You want more specific matches earlier. As far as your question, @dmz had the same question recently:


I believe this rule is not needed and won’t have any impact. The content on your /uploads/ folders should be mostly cached by default, and since your other two rules cover other URL patterns, they would not revert the default behavior for the files in the /uploads/ folders.

Also, if you want Always Online to work on your sites, you need to set the Edge TTL with a value that is longer than the minimum AO crawling interval set by Cloudflare for each type of plan. Please see item 11 in this support article.


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