Use of personal details fradulently logged from cloudflare IP address

Since a few weeks, now, my sister is being contacted by several law firms stating that her phone number and email ID has been shared with them for divorce proceedings. We have not provided my details to any of these law firms and I suspect that her details are being fraudulently shared with these law firms to harass her.

We sought the IP address from all these law firms from where her contact details were shared. Two of the law firms responded to our requests and I am including the details.

A) Lawrato:

  1. Date time when the enquiry was raised : 20-07-2020 05:21 PM

  2. Details with which the enquiry was raised : Reply/Send Legal Notice for Divorce - seeking divorce immediately and require best lawyer

  3. IP address from where this enquiry was put in/received:


Requested on : 2020-07-18 11:49:47 (IST)

Request type : Consult Lawyer

Selected City : Mumbai Suburban

User enquiry on page: Mutual Consent Divorce Lawyer

IP Address :

Searching for these IP address points us to Clouflare.

Details for


Decimal: 2372231692





Services:None detected

Assignment:Likely Static IP


Country:United Kingdom gb flag



Latitude:51.5132 (51° 30′ 47.52″ N)

Longitude:-0.0961 (0° 5′ 45.96″ W)

Postal Code:EC2V

Details for








Assignment:Likely Static IP


Country:Singapore sg flag


Latitude:1.2929 (1° 17′ 34.44″ N)

Longitude:103.8547 (103° 51′ 16.92″ E)

Postal Code:18

Could you kindly point us to the right direction to confirm which company VPN has used your services to share details with these law firms.

These sites simply use Cloudflare for their websites, but that’s the only relation to Cloudflare.

If you want to know how they obtained your data you need to talk to them or to a legal representative. Cloudflare is not involved here.

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Thank you for your reply.

I think I was not clear in my explanation.

We approached the said lawfirms, namely Lawrato and Vidhikarya and they provided us the IP address details from where my sister’s personal information were logged on their website without her consent.

So, someone accessed their website from the IP addresses that I have mentioned in my previous post and then without my sister’s consent uploaded her personal information. These IP address belong to CloudFlare (, Hence, I would want to know which website, or VPN or Enterprise that uses Cloudflare do the mentioned IP addresses belong to.

So once we know which website, VPN or Enterprise used these Cloudflare address, then as you have mentioned we will approach them directly since I understand that Cloudflare is simply providing service to them and is not involved any further.

I hope I am clearer of the situation.

Thank you.

Warm regards.

These are regular proxy addresses and requests did not come from these addresses but from actual users. These companies provided you with these addresses because they appear to not rewrite IP addresses on a server level and hence log the proxy addresses instead.

That is something they need to fix on their servers, however retroactively it won’t be possible any more to determine the actual client IP address.

Cloudflare cannot do anything here I am afraid.

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