Use of multiple wordpress in a domain - without subdomain

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I’m not sure about this, what do I need to do for wordpress subdirectories built into folders? Do I need to install the Cloudflare wordpress plugin for each subfolder?

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Well…that’s an interesting setup. Technically, you don’t need any Cloudflare plugins (I don’t use them).

What are you doing with the Cloudflare plugin on the main site? What’s your SSL setting here? (Full or Flexible)


Cloudflare plugin will affect all websites on the same domain. So if you have a WordPress installation for and another for and a third for, when you open the plugin settings page it will show you a warning that anything you change will affect the whole domain.

Now if you meant to say that you have a WordPress installation on a root folder at the origin server, often called /public_html/ folder, that is mapped to a domain, and another on /public_html/subdirectory/ that is mapped at the server level to different domain, then you will need to install the plugin on each of these installations for it to work on each separate domain.

And as @sdayman said, you often don’t need to have the plugin installed, it’s a matter of convenience. There’s only one feature that I can think of that will only work if you have the plugin running, and that’s HTTP2 Server Push.


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@cbrandt - Cloudflare plugin is active just on this main/first WordPress website.

Agro – Responsive WordPress Agriculture Organic Theme ( there are 80 websites theme demo as Agro )

I’m using Total Cache plugin for WP cache and there is extension for Cloudflare on Total Cache, - SSL - CDN

So there is 1 domain and 80 WordPress demo sites in the subfolders, I find it difficult to decide, it is difficult to follow these technologies.

Thank you for your help!

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