Use non www in a subdomain

hi, i have a website.

I want to redirect to non www because I have a universal certificate.

How do I do that? Thank you

That’s already a non-www subdomain, and it works.

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yes, but if someone writes:
I want you to direct it to the site without www

You will run into this issue:


yes, that’s why I want to redirect you to

so you don’t have the problem

If you want to have such a multi-level subdomain on Cloudflare you would need to use an ACM certificate. If you are on a Business or Enterprise plan you could also use a Custom Certificate.

It is very unlikely that anybody will ever accidentally type in the extra www, so it is unlikely to be a problem. (Try and visit to see how Cloudflare solve this problem on their own domains.)

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Which option did you choose? ACM, or DNS Only?

How can I do the same as cloudflare? for the www

I take it you didn’t click his link to see how Cloudflare handles www on a subdomain.

If a user types in there’s nothing you can do unless you have a valid certificate which matches that hostname on Cloudflare’s edge. If they typed in (the non-SSL version of the URL) you could create a page rule to redirect them from www to foro. But when SSL is involved a page rule can’t/won’t function because it’s not possible to complete a handshake to tell it to go somewhere else.

In general users tend to recognize that not everything starts with www, but if that’s an important domain/ zone and you really need the redirection then you can purchase a certificate to cover that hostname.


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