Use log received API


I am trying to get log by using Cloudflare API but it doesnt seems to work although I have a 200 OK HTTP code.
Any ideas about this problem ?
Below the URL I am calling

Thanks for your help

ELS access is an enterprise only feature. If you are attempting to pull from an enterprise zone I would recommend contacting your Cloudflare CSM or SE for assistance.

Thanks for your answer.
What is Cloudflare CSM or CE ? What does it mean ?
How to contact them ?

If you’re an enterprise customer you will typically have a dedicated customer success manager or sales engineer who works with your company/ account. Or if you’re interested in becoming an enterprise customer, you could contact our sales team for more info.

We are an enterprise customer but I don’t know the name of our CSM or sales engineer. Can you tell me who is the contact ? Our company name is STIME. It’s a french company. Thanks for your feedback.