Use just the DNS and an A record for streaming services?

Hi fellow cloudflarers!
I am using my homelab services via a Cloudflare tunnel created from the Cloudflare gui.
I’d alsu like to use the same domain for emby and plex but do not want to break Cloudflare’s tos.
I am still learning Cloudflare and the whole DNS universe, so I hope you can help me with this question idea.
Can I keep the tunnel with my services and in addition create an A record for the root domain to my actual external server ip address and just create cnames for plex and emby to point at the root domain, as all my public hosts that goes through the tunnel have their subdomains point to the tunnel and not the root domain.
I’m sure I’ve used some of these terms incorrectly, but hopefully it is understandable

Are you going to stream audio or video? What filetype? :thinking:

If you are going to set up a video livestream through Cloudflare Tunnel, you had better compile a nginx with rtmp module yourself. With that you can easily set up a livestream server that turns your rtmp stream (if you are using OBS Studio or something else) into a .m3u8 stream which transfers through http (which is supported by Cloudflare Tunnel) AND keep your website running ,as the .m3u8 files can be placed in wwwroot. I’m not sure whether my reply helps you, but I hope it does so.