Use Google Cloud DNS zone with a domain from Cloudflare registrar

Hi all,

I have a domain registered with Cloudflare Registrar. Now I want to connect it to a Google Cloud DNS Zone.

On Google Cloud, under ‘Registrar Setup’, it mentions:

Registrar Setup

This zone will not normally be usable until you register the related domain and configure these records with your registrar:


Where can I update the nameservers to use this custom ones pointing to Google’s Nameservers?

Or do I need a Business account to use the ‘Custom Nameservers’ option on Cloudflare to set these Nameservers?


If this is a Subdomain, then you add NS records here with the just the subdomain name (i.e. ‘sub’). This will delegate subdomain DNS over to Google.

No, it’s not a subdomain. I need to change the name servers for the root domain.

Basically, the end result would be:

host -t ns name server name server name server name server

instead of:

host -t ns name server name server


Unfortunately, Cloudflare Registrar is only for domains that use Cloudflare for DNS…for now. To use non-Cloudflare name servers, you’d have to transfer that domain registration out to another registrar.

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