Use Family DNS for a Location

Is it possible to use CloudFlare Family DNS ( with a CloudFlare Location?

To use a location, we need to change the DNS, so we can’t use AND a Location.



What is it you’re trying to do accomplish? If it’s to use Family restrictions on a Location, I suggest you just add the appropriate categories to your location policy.

It’s what I did but using Family DNS adds more protections like filtering search engines results.
See Can I use Cloudflare for Teams for my home network? - #6 by sdayman

It’s easier if I can keep the full Family protection in the location using only router’s DNS, not warp.

This can be easily accomplished by adding a DNS filtering rule with an action of SafeSearch.


It’s possible to create your own policies which are similar to and apply them to a location.

Thanks ! I didn’t know this feature is SafeSearch.

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