Use Existing NS and delegates subdomain to Cloudflare

I’m trying to add site by registering subdomain, but I get the error message “Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains…”.

Trying to search around but cannot find official docs that state the limitation that we can only register known top level or second level domains.

I plan to migrate my domain NS to Route53 but delegate some subdomain, e.g : blog. to Cloudflare.

Is this possible? I see in pricing page for business plan I can use my existing NS and also CNAME setup.

Is this subdomain setup supported or I still have to use main domain?

Thank you in advance.

Yes, CNAME setup with the business plan is what you’re looking for. See, you add the root domain, upgrade it to business (don’t change root NS at any point) then contact CF support to enable CNAME setup for the zone.

Hi Judge,
Thank you for your reply.

If I want to create CNAME for multiple subdomains, do I need to change to business plan for each subdomain or only one?

Since I’m adding the domain and not subdomain I believe I only need to do upgrade for one domain. Is this correct? Thank you

Yes, you would only pay one price for the business plan, and you can use Cloudflare for as many (or as few) subdomains as you’d like.

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