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Hi, guys
I need your help pls.
I have a fast , speed optimizided website with almost excellent metrics in Google Pagespeed, GTmetris, Pingdom

I would like to add Cloudflare CDN to my website but when I do that,
I had reduce in metrics due to “Use cookie-free domains”

For m is important to have excellent metrics because I make sites faster for clients, so I want my metrics to be excellent.

There is a way to bypass this?
I can create I think a cookieless subdomain but I don’t know how!

Many thanks!

Hi @studiowebex,

Please have a look at the thread linked below. In short, Cloudflare issues cookies for your domain and there isn’t anything you can do about it! It’s also not really anything to worry about.

Thanks for your response,
I understand
Many thanks!

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