"Use cookie-free domains" Possible solution?

Hosting: SiteGround Shared
Site CMS: Joomla
Caching plugin: JCH Optimize PRO

Granted I tend to ignore GTMetrix’s recommendation about using a cookie-free domain and we should pay attention more to the page load time, I’m wondering if there’s a workaround?

I started monkeying around with posting static content to a cloud storage drive and linking the static content to the site. While that did increase the ‘Use cookie-free domains’ rating in GTMetrix, it actually decreased the ‘Minimized redirects’ since the static content was being redirected to the cloud storage. It didn’t make much difference in the “Fully Loaded Time”. On top of that, I can’t set up a Cloudflare cookie-free domain within Joomla’s JCH Optimize PRO. If you had practically any other CDN, sure.

What gets me, though, is that Pingdom gives me a rating of ‘F’ (0) for a CDN (which I am using one) and GTMetrix is giving me an ‘A’ (100) yet the pageload and performance ratings are the same. Ditto on the GZIP: I’m getting an ‘F’ (34) from Pingdom yet an ‘A’ (100) from GTMetrix.

Very confused…

Is there NO way to use a cookie-free domain on Cloudflare to integrate on the site? Does it really matter (most of the posts I’m reading say, ‘no’).

Is there a reason why Pingdom says one thing and GTMetrix says another?

No, you can’t avoid cookies when using Cloudflare. This comes up often, and there’s no significant degradation in performance caused by Cloudflare cookies.


Don’t worry about the CDN, because Cloudflare will cache your static resources. Pingdom just isn’t configured to recognize Cloudflare as a CDN.


I’d even argue there is none.

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