Use Cloudflare Worker as DNS proxy help


Is this possible? If so, is there a sample application I can look at for this?

I am not experienced in this area. Could an end user set their DNS IP settings pointing to this worker and have browser traffic routed to it?

Thanks in advance

What do you mean by DNS proxy? You can set up a worker to proxy HTTP requests.


Thanks for the response. Let me see if I can be clearer.

If even possible, as you suggested, a proxy for https requests that resolves DNS but can also redirect browser if necessary.

Apologies if this does this not make sense?

Hi. Sorry to bother. Can you explain how to set up a worker to proxy dns requests? I’m able to deploy workers and have dns records set up.

Thanks for your help

Could you write a DoH resolver in workers? Probably. Can you point a browser to Cloudflare’s edge and proxy random http(s) traffic through it as an open http proxy? No.

Cloudlfare offers a browser Isolation solution and a Zero Trust routing solution for proxying traffic, workers is not aligned to that use case.


Perfect thank you.

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