Use Cloudflare with Wasabi storage


Followed [wasabi knowledge base](

I use root domain to connect with Wasabi storage. Also I have added:

A record pointing to IP address;
AAAA record pointing to IPv6 address;

When I add CNAME follows the wasabi docs, like the photo below:

It says,

An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists. For more details, refer to 。。。. (Code: 81053)

I also tried to delete both A and AAAA records. Adding the CNAME as the above screenshot seems to reply. And I also found other posts in this forum mentioned, delete the A records if the above error codes shows.

However, it then returns with this:


So my whole site is inaccessible. I need to set up CDN for my wasabi storage.

Because it’s root domain, and it says, the CNAME flatterning will apply automatically, so I am not sure how shall I set my DNS records.

Anyone know how to do that if the Wasabi storage was accessed through d root domain?

It sounds like the connection from Cloudflare to Wasabi is correct, but Wasabi is blocking it. What does the error page look like?

I meant if I followed the Wasabi knowledge base, to Set CNAME without A or AAAA records, my whole site is inaccessible.

So I have added A and AAAA records, and my website is back online.

I need to add CNAME, in order to reduce object storage cost. So I wish to use Cloudflare as a cache server (CDN/external proxy). :blush:

You cannot. A CNAME may not share a name with any other record types (DNSSEC excepted).

Perhaps you can make a subdomain work.