Use Cloudflare to proxy a local WAP (Web Application Proxy) for ADFS

To add some functionality for a new solution, I want to use Cloudflare to proxy an existing Windows Server 2012 r2 Remote Access server that provides Web Application Proxy to an internal ADFS server.
Looking advice and thoughts on Cloudflare configuration on this configuration and protecting the authentication process.

No help forthcoming.
Just in case someone else has the same question:
I enabled the proxy in Cloudflare with page rules. One for the host and one for all paths (*)
The page rules in place are 1) SSL = Full, 2) Always Online = Off, 3) Security Level = Medium, 4) Cache Level = Bypass, 4) Automatic HTTPS Rewrites = On, 5) Disable Performance = Disabled.
This appears to be working great with no access issues or cached data issues.

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