Use Cloudflare to point to external NS

Hello, recently pointed a domain to Cloudflare in the registrar’s domain.
I was planning on using said domain on a VPS service, where they asked me to use their nameservers (, But before that I tried pointing an A record on Cloudflare to the VPS IP address, but some site features stopped working, and because of that I started pointing the domain to the nameservers proposed instead of Cloudflare. How can I workaround this?

You cant. If you want to use Cloudflare you have to use their nameservers. Only alternative would be a CNAME setup, but that requires at least a $200/month Business plan.

Even if I use their nameservers, is there a way for me to point the domain to the vps’s nameservers?

What would you need the other nameservers for if you are using Cloudflare’s? So, no, you cant. Unless of course you actually want to configure subdomains.

Just to point it to my vps.

Then no, you cant.

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