Use cloudflare stream player to preview video before uploading

hi all, was working on a feature to allow users to upload videos to cloudflare stream, however is there any way to preview the video prior to uploading it using the same video player? It would be nice to allow users to view the video in the same video player as they use when viewing their video. Currently I am using a standard html5 video to display and a button that actually submits the workflow request to upload.

I’m doing it this way to save on bandwidth but maybe there’s something i don’t understand? I just would want to avoid paying for streaming fees when someone is just trying to view and change a video they are sending in

It sounds like you want to watch the video in Stream before it’s uploaded to Stream. I really don’t think that’s possible.

I’m not clear on what they’re trying to accomplish. Why would they change the video?

we’re trying to give the user a way to view the video in browser before sending it to cloudflare, where they can then view it again using the stream player. Ideally, for this UX, we would use the same element and styles to be consistent throughout this experience.

I got what you meant, but why not preview locally before uploading to Stream?

we have this now using the standard html5 video player, however it’s a different experience than the stream player. Just curious how to standardize the viewing experience of videos both locally and in stream

Can you share more about your current solution? How are you enabling preview of the video in an html5 player without uploading it first to your server (or to Stream)?

This is unlikely to be supported in the Stream Player in the near-term but I can see the UX upside and would like to explore support in future releases.

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Unfortunately I needed to figure another way to have this UX without uploading the video first. If this was a feature it would be great to have.