Use CloudFlare Registrar but Other Name Servers

So for starters let me say I under why this isn’t a feature. A lot of what Cloudflare does is centered around DNS, and the Registrar is more of a loss leader service and simply a value add to Cloudflare’s existing clients.

So why bother asking? Largely because I think our use case may not be typical.
We manage domain names for our clients (it’s also a value add for us), and there are some cases where clients want to bring their own web development firm. Depending on the firm some of them insist on bringing their own name servers so they can have total control over entered records, using a system they’re familiar/comfortable with.
Since we don’t directly manage websites; just domain names and records, we allow folks to do this as needed.

Thus my request: can we someday use Cloudflare Registrar but opt into using alternative name servers? Perhaps even at an increased cost for the domain.


  • Sam

Cloudflare Registrar isn’t suitable for that usecase, you should use any one of the many other registrar businesses rather than focusing on Cloudflare specifically.


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