Use Cloudflare only for DNS settings

So I’m hosting my domain on another platform, but I don’t want cloudflare cache any versions of my site or anything, just for DNS management. Is that possible?
(I have a LE SSL certificate set up on the site already, I just want to use Cloudflare for DNS management but still have all the traffic go to my hosting server instead of going through cloudflare

Absolutely! If all your DNS records here are :grey: DNS Only, no traffic will go through Cloudflare. If there’s a Proxied record, click the :orange: to toggle it to :grey:.

On another thought, I figure that it might be a good idea to use cloudflare, but would it be possible to always load the page using the server files rather than any cached version of the site. (basically cloudflare but without caching instead it loads the files on the hosting server every time the page loads)

You can create a Page Rule to match ** with a Cache Level of Bypass.

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