Use cloudflare only for changing nameservers

Hello, I just want to use your service to change the DNS of my domain, not to cache the speed increase or SSL certificate. I just want my DNS to be hidden. What settings should i make for this?

You can of course use Cloudflare to change your DNS settings.
If you don’t want to use Cloudflare’s cache or SSL service then you can simply disable it through your dashboard.
But unfortunately, there is no way to hide your DNS from the world.
There are many online tools by which we can find the DNS of any domain so it’s impossible to hide your DNS and Nameservers.

I hope you got the answer of your questions :blush:

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Could you explain what do you mean by “hidden DNS”? :slightly_smiling_face:


@bamykcom wants his domain’s DNS to be hidden, but that’s not possible

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They’re most likely looking to hide their origin IP. This cannot be achieved just by changing name servers to Cloudflare - they’d need to also enable Cloudflare’s reverse proxy.

However, it is not completely clear what bamykcom is referring to by “hidden DNS” which is why I’m asking them to elaborate.

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