Use Cloudflare for *just* DNS?

I have a basic plan. I would like to just use Cloudflare for DNS resolution with no other services. In particular I would like to have my own SSL certificates hosted on my own servers with no intermediaries. I do not want to upload my certificates to Cloudflare (even if I could afford the plan that allows this.) Is this possible? Or should I look elsewhere for DNS resolution services?

Thanks for any help…

Hi @weinstock,

Any DNS records you set to :grey: will bypass Cloudflare services and be in “DNS Only” mode. You can do this for the entire zone by pausing Cloudflare on the overview tab.

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Just adding this, in case your bank finds a few spare €$ in your account, Cloudflare does offer Keyless SSL, where you perform all the key handling operations on your own servers, or in a Cloud HSM under your direct control.

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