Use cloudflare for images only


  1. is it possible that web pages load directly from our web server but only images loads from CDN?
  2. all plans support this feature ?
  3. if do, that’s mean I still point A record to our web server but inside the code I will point that images will get from CDN? or am I missing somethig?


Possible yes, but a violation of 2.8 of the terms of service and you’ll likely get your account suspended.

Thanks for quick reply, can you please explain about violation?
and what is the best solution for images only load from CDN and not from web server but rest of the pages will load from the server itself?

A proper CDN. Cloudflare would not be the right tool in this case.

On Cloudflare you are supposed to proxy your entire site, which is primarily HTML content and relevant media resources, but not only the latter.

I’d recommend to check out the terms of service, as they go into details here.

Thanks again,
one last question.
assuming I would use cloudflare for my entire site (as it should be) but, I want cretin people i.e our develop team will have the ability get to web site directly (via different subdomain) so that A record will point directly to same server but the rest of the world goes through CDN.

Different options

  • Using a local DNS resolver to override the public records
  • Using a separate unproxied hostname
  • People reconfigure their local hosts files to connect directly to your server

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