Use Cloudflare for customers: commercial


I am about to set up a company in Germany.

My idea is to speed up and secure websites with the help of cloudflare for customers who already have their infrastructure (but not in cloudflare).

For this I want to take a one-time fee, aswell a monthly fee for the service, for changes, fixing problems, setting up new subdomains, etc.

I will also link the data protection regulations and any rules of cloudflare in the contract, on the website etc. so that there are no legal problems.

Upon that, my goal is to create customer accounts, and not sell the services under my cloudflare account.

Aswell as don’t sell it under my name. I always mention I use cloudflare for them.

Am I allowed to do that?

You are free to recommend Cloudflare, but you must follow all applicable terms of service, and I’d like to point out these terms:


(a) rent, lease, loan, export, or sell access to the Cloud Services to any third party;

(c) utilize any framing techniques to enclose any Cloudflare trademark, logo, service mark, or other trade dress (“Cloudflare Marks”) or Materials (defined below) or use any meta tags or other “hidden text” utilizing the Cloudflare Marks or Materials without Cloudflare’s written consent

(d) introduce software or automated agents or scripts into the Cloud Services so as to produce multiple accounts, generate automated searches, requests or queries, or to strip or mine data from the Cloud Services;

You should be fine if you effectively provide consulting services that utilize and/or recommend Cloudflare, however, you must make it clear that you are not Cloudflare, and that your customers also agree to all applicable Cloudflare terms of service(s). It still might be worth exploring becoming a Partner so that your customers retain ownership of their domain and don’t give up complete DNS and/or registrar ownership.

You should still consult your own lawyer for legal advice, including advice regarding the Cloudflare terms, as:
I am not a lawyer
I am not your lawyer
I do not represent Cloudflare
I am not Cloudflare’s lawyer


I contacted my laywer, he thinks im able to use their service unless I specify that im not cloudflare im rather an guy who consults them to use it and when they want to use it, I will setup it them and configure it.

Oh, there is a possibility to not change DNS, and still use cloudflare benefits? I didnt knew that before, does partnership requires anything to get started and costs something?

Business Plan includes the ability to use a CNAME setup where the authoritative DNS servers don’t have to be changed and you can use CF by changing records into CNAMEs. This is also available to partners.

You can inquire about this on CF’s partner site which I already linked.

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Would you mind tellin me which company you want to create or which you are already working for?
Website would be enough :slight_smile:

Sorry I dont use services like Discord. I just use TeamSpeak or Mumble.

Okey, where do I can contact you?

I will write you a PM. Just curious about what kind of service this is.

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