Use cloudflare for a non-ssl site


I have an internal server that does not “know” SSL/https and I would like to access it from internet via Cloudflare https.

I have the domain pointing to my external IP, I have mapped 2087 external port (accepted by Cloudflare) to my local 35500 port and local server IP in router, and I’ve set SSL on “Flexible”

But I think I’m still missing something as I receive an error - SSL handshake failed.

Please help.

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To be more specific, I need this:

INTERNET-–(SSL)–-> Cloudflare —(NON-SSL)—> INTERNAL SERVER (xteve)

xteve does not “know” https/ssl

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Checkout why you shouldn’t use flexible

Your best bet is to have a reverse proxy on your server that can do SSL.

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Thank you Cyb3r-Jak3, but this is exactly what I hoped an I wanted to do: to use Cloudflare as a reverse proxy for my non-SSL server.

Is this possible?

Cloudflare expects to see HTTPS on 2087:

This sure sounds like a media server, which would be a violation of ToS 2.8:

Thank you sdayman, I didn’t know.

xteve in my scenario serves only picons via reverse proxy, but probably is safer not to use Cloudflare even for picons, in order to be compliant.