Use Cloudflare DNS for own webhosting

Hello everyone!

I’m from a small hosting company in the Czech Republic. We would like to give our users easy “one-click” access to Cloudflare DNS using Cloudflare API. The idea is to create a domain record in our Cloudflare account, copy DNS records settings from our DB to it and change NS servers to Cloudflare’s throw API.

Is this ok with Cloudflare rules or does it require cooperation with Cloudflare?

Thanks for reading my message and for your possible answer. Have a nice day!

“One-click” and “doing things the perfect way” may unfortunately not always go hand in hand.

If I’m understanding this one correct, this one means that when I’m becoming a customer of yours, then you would like to add my domain name to your (your organisation’s, your company’s, the hosting provider’s, […]) Cloudflare account?

That would be wrong.

My domain name(s) would belong to my account(s), and not to your account(s), even when/if you are my actual hosting provider.

Are you solely looking for the DNS part, as some parts of your messages could indicate?

Or are you actually looking to make sure that all your customer’s HTTP(S) traffic actually goes to through Cloudflare (similar to being Proxied (:orange:)), before reaching your servers?

You might actually be able to accomplish (some of) the latter, through Cloudflare for SaaS:

Cloudflare for SaaS Providers
Cloudflare for SaaS · Cloudflare for Platforms docs

Of course. There are just a number of ideas at the moment. We need to see if it is possible to do something like this before we make a more detailed plan, etc.

Ok, so if our customer creates their own account and gives us their API key, can we synchronise the DNS records set in our customer centre with their Cloudflare account and set the domain’s NS records to Cloudflare’s at the customer’s request?

Rather than use your customer’s API key, it might be better for your account to be invited into their account with appropriate permissions and use your own API token created and scoped exclusivley for that specific purpose.

Cloudflare for SaaS, as mentioned above, can work even with domains that aren’t otherwise using Cloudflare, or Cloudflare’s name servers.

Although, it appears to require you to have an Enterprise plan, if you require to route the apex (e.g. naked domain) of the customer through Cloudflare.

Stuff like mandating Cloudflare name severs, or otherwise setting very strict restrictions on your services, could from time to time scare some potential customers away.