Use Cloudflare certificates with Plesk

I currently have the Free Plan from Cloudflare and am thrilled with it! So far I have always used Lets Encrypt for Plesk, but now I want to switch to Cloudflare certificates. Once I added my domain, it was automatically secured with a Cloudflare certificate that is valid for one year.

Now I wanted to ask how I can use the Cloudflare certificates in the Plesk panel, especially for the mail server, since I read that the Origin Server certificates that you can create in the dashboard are basically not suitable for mail.

I am grateful for any help!

Hi @user553,

You should be able to install the certificates in the same way as any others. The Cloudflare part is documented here:

That is correct, the certificates are not publicly valid and only work when the connection is proxied through Cloudflare. As mail cannot be proxied, this won’t work andf the certificate would not be trusted.

Ah I see, now I have done everything as in the instructions and it works, as mail certificate I now continue to use Lets Encrypt. Thanks for your help!

Great, no problem :slight_smile:

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