Use Cloudflare CDN with AMEN webhost

Hi everyone,

I’m not an expert at all, and I’m new on this forum so I’m sorry if my question should be posted in an other section, and I’ve searched for a solution before to ask you…

I’m trying to boost my website performance ( - webhost/registrar, and GTMetrix suggest I should use a CDN. So I had to understand what a CDN is, and then I found Cloudflare. I’ve tried to apply it :
-I’ve created my Cloudflare account
-Started to do the process with my website
-Received my new Name Server from Cloudflare
-Found the IP addresses of these two NS
But when I try to modify my DSP parameters in AMEN, an error occurs :

-Des erreurs de procédures ont eu lieu lors de la modification des DNS du domaine. Merci de vérifier si le statut du nom de domaine n’est pas verrouillé et que les DNS sont enregistrés par l’Internic " (Sorry, in french…)
So, I’ve sent a message to AMEN to explain this problem, and they answered I cannot use Cloudflare CDN with Amen, because they have their own CDN system included in SiteLock Option, but I have to pay for it… and if I change my Primary DNS on AMEN by thoose from Cloudflare, I’ll lose all my website hosted…

Is it true that I can’t use Cloudflare CDNs with my AMEN host and registrar?

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You’re at the mercy of AMEN. Some hosts lock you into their systems. AMEN might be one of them, and Cloudflare can’t help in that case. You’d have to find a better host.

Hi sdayman,
Thanks for your fast answer, I was hoping an other one but thanks a lot ! :smile:
I’ll check for an other host !

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Hi again,
My site host just answer this to me :

La solution serait de voir s’ils peuvent vous fournir un pointage DNS sur le nom court (nom de domaine et le www.) cela, vous éviterez de changer les DNS primaires et perdre les produit associer à Amen.

Which means nothing for me in french, but I try to translate it to you : they ask if Cloudflare is able to provide a “Tally DNS” on the “short name” so to keep my olds primary DNS on AMEN…

I don’t understand anything at all at this point… do you think I could find a solution ? (excepted with changing my host :grin:

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Cloudflare needs to be the primary DNS for your domain.


Thanks a lot for all your answers ! Sorry for my lack of knowledge in this domain ! :slight_smile:

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