Use Cloudflare as IP Forwarder or similar for external managed domains

We are an advertising agency which creates and hosts small websites for our customers. The domains are often managed by external it agencies and we dont have login details for changing dns settings like a records without getting in a long conversation with our customer.

We want to have a simple solution to administer the full zone template or at least the ipv4/v6 routing of incoming traffic for the external domains without making our costumer loose the ability to make changes to the zone template in their domain interface as well.

for example the customer has to make a one time entry in the dns template to point webtraffic e.g. via a record to cloudflare and from now on we can change to which server ip the traffic will be forwarded dynamicly e.g. for migration purposes.

how do we archive this with cloudflare?

Hi @user9316,

It sounds like you want Cloudflare for SaaS.

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Hey @domjh,

thank you for your fast answer. Unfortunatly I am not deeply evolved enough into cloudflare magic to get started with your hint. I checked the blog entry you provided and indeed this sounds like it could fit but I am not shure about the next steps.

Until now I only used cloudflare in free plan to fully manage dns templates of external domains by registering the cloudflare NS at the external domain registrar. I guess to get me started it would be nice to break a possible solution into small crumbs if someone is up to that.

I have following needs:

  • Managing DNS Records (at least webtraffic e.g. via A/AAAA or similiar) of serveral external Domains to which we do not have logins stored
    → we can advice the domain holder to change settings in the zone template but we do not want to have to do this every time a change is needed with multiple customers therefore we are looking for this kind if solution

  • The domain holder must be able to edit DNS Records in his interface at all time (e.g. managing ms exchange or similar)

  • maybe optional some kind of grouping external domain management by the ip they are forwarded

  • I would linke to test this feature with some of our internal domains for test porpuses

Following questions:
→ Is this even possible?
→ Where do I register for this service? Is there any documentation, blogpost, tutorial or similar which i can use?
→ How is the pricing?

thank for your help in advance

It would just allow you to change the origin for specific records your client points to you.

Their current DNS is not affected, they can point their records away from you to another provider.

You can have multiple origins, I’m not sure how easy this is to change in bulk, but you can use the API.

The docs for it are here:

It used to be Enterprise only, but there is a beta for other users to try it out with pricing per hostname.

No problem, I don’t really have much experience in using this and have only tried it out briefly, but others here may have used it more.

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