Use Cloudflare as certified providers

a customer wants to host his html5 banner on our server to provide them for google ad manager.
As our server is not a certified providers we want to use Cloudflare therefore. Now iam looking for a way to use cloudflare as a fileserver so i can upload videos etc. under a cloudflare url.
Is there anyway to this. I found out that Cloudflare stream could work but iam not sure ?

Cloudflare stream and Workers KV are currently the only products that allow “uploading” files, however, their main purpose isn’t file storage so chances are they don’t fit your use case exactly.

CF stream is also only for video files using a video player.

first of all thanks for the fast reply :smiley:
So the actual case is that in the html5 banner(for google ads) there is a src which directs at our server and I thought if we upload it via CF S and change the embedded src with that one from Cloudflare it should work. Because now we use a certificate provider to upload and store the video ?!

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