Use Cloudfare only for thumbnails from JIG


I use the premium plugin Justified Image Grid (JIG) in my Wordpress travel blog to create the galleries.

Because of the Tinythumb function the thumbnails of this plugin are not optimized for Google. Here Page Speed always “grumbles” around. To get better loading times JIG recommends to cache the thumbnails via Cloudfare:

I have just registered at Cloudfare and also added the rules.

My question: is it generally possible that I only deliver these thumbnails from JIG via Cloudfare, but the rest of my site via my webspace & my caching plugin (lightspeed cache)?

I would be very happy about an answer.

Many greetings

Quick answer, unless you use different sub domains, it’s no.

Thank you for your quick answer.

I don´t have a subdomain. Can you please discribe this a little bit more?

If “JIG” supports uploading or hosting stuff on a separate subdomain, you can put that subdomain behind Cloudflare.If not, then you can’t do what you ask.

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Ok, then I don´t understand the text in this link:

There are no settings for this in your Justified Image Grid, as everything is controlled at CloudFlare . Just go to the CloudFlare website and Sign up, follow their directions. Follow this article to ensure your thumbnails get cached: How to cache thumbnails with CloudFlare?

It says there’s a possibilty of caching the thumbnails from JIG with Cloudfare, or?

You can, you can cache (and not cache) whatever you want (within the ToS), but you can’t serve via Cloudflare only part of a single FQDN (,, etc.).

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but you can’t serve via Cloudflare only part of a single FQDN

Ok. But I can include and exclude folders from Cloudflare’s caching, or? Is it possible - just for example - to exclude the complete folder /public_html/wp-content/uploads from Cloudflare’s caching?

Obviously (although it’s not really recommended unless you have specific reasons, which are normally rare), either by using Cache-Control headers or by using Page Rules in the dashboard.

Just to explain what my “problem” is.

80-90% of my visitors comes from Germany - and my hosting is alo in Germany. So normally I do not really need a CDN.

BUT - I use the plugin Justified Image Grid for showing my galleries. And JIG uses TinyThumb: Why does JIG use TimThumb? and when I check my website with GTmertix, I get a lot of notices that the images should be optimized.

The Support of JIG wrote me:

Those work on regular WP media library image sizes and can’t do anything with JIG thumbnail cache. It’s just a cache with not even real image files as they are data loaded via php. CDNs such as Cloudflare can cache them as images though.

That is the reason why I like to use Cloudfare to cache these JIG thumbnails. But this is new for me and I really don´t know if it can work… and how it works :wink:

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