Use ClareFlare just for server switching - no caching and need ip addresses



I’d like to use CloudFlare just for server switching, e.g. pointing a domain from one server to another quickly? I know that can be done, but also I would need to turn off all caching and also be sent the users’ real ip addresses. The reason being we use membership software that in turn uses Stripe for billing and we need to verify the country users are in to set tax rates (using ip address). We can’t change membership/billing software so ip address has to appear in the “normal” place. Is this possible?



Maybe in the DNS settings I can turn off the orange cloud image so it is DNS only. Woudl that be the the same as just changing the DNS settings, if so that might work.


If you want to keep Cloudflare active, your server software needs to pull the HTTP header Cf-Connecting-IP to get the user’s IP address. This can be done automatically in some server software -

Also, if Geolocation is enabled in the Network tab, you can use the CF-IPCountry HTTP header to pull their country code (ISO Alpha 2) without needing to use geolocation (unless you need to have per-state/per-region tax).


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