Use CDN to benefit from website caching


I have a client who is purchasing website services with me. The client domain is hosted on GoDaddy. He will be pointing the A record for his website to my web server.

On this basis, I want to use CDN to benefit from website caching.

For this particular scenario, is this feasible? What would be the deployment procedures for this case?


It is possible to get the benefits of Cloudflare and CDN with your scenerio, there is nothing out of the ordinary that I can see - you would need to onboard the domain onto Cloudflare through one of the two different setup methods available here.

You are able to add additional ‘members’ to account to help manage a zone-

Your client would need to create a Cloudflare account and add their zone to it, and then they can invite you to help manage the zone, or alternatively you can add a zone to an account you manage for them, and invite them to your account.

It depends on your relationship with your client and them and how much access/control both would need to the account on Cloudflare.