Use Brand TLD with "Full DNS" solution

Hi communtiy,

Is it poosible to use Cloudflares Full DNS solution (instead of of just pointing a CNAME) with a “Brand TLD”?

Because by using the CNAME option I think there is no possibility to get rid of the www. (or whatever hostname you use).

Regards, Lars

Didn’t get the question… :sweat_smile:


Sorry, I think I might been a bit unclear. If you have a brand top level domain (like Apples .apple) - is it possible to use the Cloudflare Full DNS solution where you use their nameservers instead of just pointing a CNAME? I think I’ve hards that wasn’t possible before.

It should work, you should add it and then change your NS at the registrar. Obviously it must be a registered domain, not a whole TLD.

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