Use Argo tunnel with Spectrum UDP?

I have an OpenVPN server and I’d like to proxy my client traffic through Cloudflare in order to leverage their firewall. I’m quite confident that will work, but I’d also like to use Argo tunnel. Will I be able to proxy UDP traffic across an Argo tunnel once I get Spectrum?

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As far as I can tell from, Spectrum and Argo Tunnel don’t interact at all and are separate services. Not many people here have Spectrum, so I’d recommend contacting either Support, your Customer Success rep, or Sales (if you do, feel free to share what you hear).

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Yeah I was having trouble finding anything to suggest that they could be used together.

I’ll get in touch with support and post my findings here.


Not knowing the full details my answer is probably incomplete, but if you were my customer I’d probably recommend just using Access here (with Argo Tunnels) for supporting SSH through Cloudflare.

if you would like to proxy non-http traffic would you also just use Cloudflare Access?

No, outside of SSH and RDP Access doesn’t support non-http/s protocols. Spectrum would be the solution for non-http traffic proxying.

great thank you. Do you have an example what kind a non-http traffic would be? Not so familiar with it at the moment so would be great to get some of the most common usages to get an idea of it.

:wave: @stephi,

Here’s a list of some common ports and protocols.


thank you!