Use argo to protect image server


is it OK to use ARGO to proxy image server?

i understand that cloudflare should only be used to proxy html content etc and account will be banned if traffic percentage of images is higher than html/js code

thus since ARGO is a pay by bandwidth usage, this kind of usage is it permitted?

otherwise is there any product within cloudfare that can help proxy image server?

I meant the main website is protected by cloudflare and it is working great, but if your image server not proxy and DDOS, it is also crippling the website

thanks for the help

If you reach out to the sales team they can go over options to address images. Best way to contact them is probably via a support request (Unless you already have a contact) and ask them to escalate your request to sales. If you’d like to share your ticket number here, I’ll make sure it gets in the proper queue.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Just let the team know the domain and you’re interested to speak with Sales.