Use API to configure email security for domains that are not used to send email

Hi all, I’d like to take advantage of the CF API to configure email security for my domains that are not used to send email. There doesn’t seem to be an API specific to this task, but I guess that makes sense because it’s really just DNS records. With that in mind, it could probably use a simple “template” to ingest with the dns_records API’s import or create actions. (Checking first to make sure it’s not stomping on any existing SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.) Before I potentially reinvent the wheel, has anyone already written a script or tool for doing this with a list of domains from an account? if not, I’ll certainly give it my best [fairly new to working with APIs] try with PowerShell or curl.


It seems so, yes.

I do not see it yet published and available. Hope it will be soon.

Until, then, we may experiment and use currently available to us:

I haven’t yet come across, but as a starting point:

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