Use Access to make WP passwordless?

Longtime Cloudflare user, first time Access user here… bear with me.
Any tips and tricks appreciated.

We have multiple wordpress installs running on a single domain.
Is there any way to make the admin dashboard for all those wp installs loginless and directly accessible through CF access as separate applications?

I could figure out a way to make the admin dashboards public and put those applications behind Access but that doesn’t feel like the best course of action.
My understanding of SSO is very limited but that feels like the way to go about this.

Would love to hear if anyone has any tips how to get this running.

Thanks. Stay healthy.

You’d effectively need to have a (custom) plugin that looks for the headers Access passes:

But I’m not aware of an existing plugin that does this for you, sadly.

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Mhm I’ll look into that, thanks!
Been researching “Client Authentication Certificates”, from what I understand this could work as long as I manage to get that running on wordpress. It would keep the admin login page active, but add an option to login using a certificate.

@Judge is this what you had in mind?

You can try that, however, it might need to be modified to work with Access; I can’t say for certain.