Use a CDN for all static assets: 11/100


I added my website to Cloudflare however, when I test for it effective use it using, it brings Use a CDN for all static assets: 11/100, below is some of the information it brings

Please help me solve it


I just ran a test and WPT recognizes Cloudflare as a CDN. If you post a link to the results, we can take a closer look. Or run the test again and hope that message was a glitch and goes away.


this is the result link


That site isn’t proxied by Cloudflare.


Please let me know how I can do it, because I read some of cloudflare kB but it’s not explained well.


Here’s how to get started:

Changing the name servers is the crucial part.


Thanks, but is there any way I can do it without changing my name servers


Unless you are on a business plan and can do a CNAME setup, or your web host is a partner, then no. Cloudflare needs you to change your nameservers to them.


Yes, my web host is a partner. So how can I configure it


You would be best to contact them about that. Every partner setup is different so it is difficult for us to assist.


I am not quite sure what the question is, as the site already pointed to Cloudflare earlier today. Apparently you have moved it once more off Cloudflare in the meantime.

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