Usage of .htaccess through Gitlab+CF

Hi, I migrated my websites from WordPress to Jekyll, so I don’t need the shared hosting I’ve used for years. Now I’m migrated my websites from the shared hosting to Cloudflare, since I’m already using Gitlab as backup. The migration is sucessful. However, I’m still having some questions about my old .htaccess.

In this file I had a basic setup: http to https, www to non-www, avoid multiple trailing slashes, gzip compression, HSTS, 301 redirections, etc.

Should I remove this file, definitely? Or, by the contrary, would I be able to use it for 301 redirections? In one website, I had to do some 301 redirections about information architecture.

Thanks in advance.

The HTTP → HTTPS redirect can be handled by Cloudflare, same with compression and HSTS.

I don’t believe that Cloudflare will use the .htaccess file so for the redirects you will need to use page rules.


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