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We are using Cloudflare to cache our most popular content. Now it is being seen by a small number of people and it is free. Cloudflare’s website also says it is always free. Could you please tell me if our trending content will be seen by 10 million or 100 million people daily or 1b people, will it stay free? If not what will be the cost?

Free plans are free.

If we will have 1 billion daily active users reaching the trending content cached on Cloudflare, it will be free? :slight_smile:

Second question I have:
If we purchase R2, it obviously doesn’t come with standard Cloudflare caching service, as it charges us according to requests. Can we manually put Cloudflare caching in front of R2 to save money?

That doesn’t sound like a scale that, in my eyes, is a fit for the “Free” package, but … most likely only with an Enterprise agreement.

What kind of content are we talking about?

That is an important key, that you’re leaving out of the question…

And which, by using the Free plan on Cloudflare alone, could result in a violation of the Cloudflare ToS.

According to the vague amount of details you’ve shared so far, I would say: “It will maybe be free for a while”.

Long-term, I would expect no.

When you’re using a Custom Domain with R2, you should be able to override the CDN cache behaviour, just like with any other traffic.

How effective it would eventually be with the goal of saving money, would likely be a mystery that no one would be able to tell you with a 100% guarantee, since it would likely be relative to the specific use case and it’s patterns.

If you have a website with a million daily users you will invariably need a a WAF and other security protections. Those protections are not available on the free plan. In a perfect universe where zero malicious actors exist, sure you can continue on the free plan. Back here in our shared reality, you will need to implement security and additional performance controls and Cloudflare offers those on various plans. At the point at which you reach your 1B users you will be on an enterprise plan to take advantage of advanced technologies and pricing discounts not available on pay-go plans.


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