Usability problems or bugs with Multi-User access


Cloudflare folks, I was at the receiving end of a Multi-user signup so I could use a personal account to access our organizations Cloudflare settings. Signup experience was BAD, causing me to waste a lot of time to figure out how to sign up. Here’s what happened…

  1. I got an email from cloudflare “{xxx} invited you to join…to accept click the following link …”, so I clicked it.

  2. I got to a login page with my personal email address filled in, and a blank password. Since I did not receive any password, and do not have any account on record with that username on cloudflare, I tried the “signup” link in the login page…

  3. Clicking on the “signup” link from the login page got me to …the login page, with no changes. Endless loop. FIXIT please folks.

  4. On a whim I tried entering the login with a blank password to see what would happen. Nothing, of course.

  5. Eventually I realized that maybe cloudflare as already given me an account, so I tried the “forgot my password” link, which sent me an email where I could enter a new password and actually set up the new account. Reasonably OK here.

So the real problem was perhaps (1) the “accept the invitation” perhaps needs to be a “we created an account for you here’s how you set up your password” message. OR (2) Signup should have actually worked for me, or given me a message saying, “no need, just click forgot my password”. OR (3) something else that you test and that seems to work.

I realize that others might have been quicker to ignore the instructions and try “forget my password” than I was, and less frustrated as a result, but I feel at least that if one reads and follows the instructions they ought to work.


There has been an account on Cloudflare associated with your email address since 2017-03-04 so in this instance, forgot password was the right action. Can’t tell you if you or someone else signed up the email address, but it has existed on the system for > 12 months.


OK great, thanks for the information. I would simply like you to be aware that in this case (multi-user signup for an email address that already exists), the “signup” link totally failed to work. In other systems it would work correctly if it gave me a form to fill out, and then said that they email address provided already existed in the system.

Please fix!