URS dispute suspension... what the...?

Hey folks, I’m a private user. I have a single domain registered with a private, non-commercial server behind it. It has recently been taken down due to a URS dispute. The link on the suspension page is not helpful at all.

I have no idea what to do now, who filed the dispute, whom to contact, how to solve this. Please help!

What’s the link? As I read it, URS is for clear-cut violations of trademark infringement of a domain name.


The link is Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) | ICANN New gTLDs.

What I’m seeing is this:

You might find the following page at one of the URS service providers to be helpful. You can send them an email from a Contact button on that page.

ICANN currently lists two other URS service providers.



Thank you. I have already contacted FORUM. They have responded, but they say the complaint hasn’t been filed with them.

I’m probably lucky that it’s “only” three URS service providers, but do I really have to contact them all, like, guessing wildly? I would expect there to be some sort of well-documented and clear process that I have to follow in such a case.

I’ve read something about an email somewhere that I should have received about the complaint. I haven’t. At least not yet.

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I have also contacted MFSD now. Curious to see what they’ve got to say. I suppose though that this is going to take a little longer as it’s already night in Italy (and where I am living).

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If the complainant is also in Europe, that sounds promising.

Yeah. If only I knew who the complainant was… I do not even know that.

MFSD claims that the complaint hasn’t been filed with them either. What the heck?

Hopefully the third time is a charm and the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center (ADNDRC) is able to shed some light on the suspension for you.

Thanks. I have contacted them too. This is all extremely weird.

Currently I’m thinking of just ditching the domain and giving up… it’s a bit annoying because I have to migrate a couple of my services (home lab bare metal K8s), but it’s managable.

It’s just extremely confusing because it seems like the whole process has been kind of messed up by the responsible committees, circles, forums, whatever. According to some Italian lawyer who offered to help me (for only a couple 100 Euros… yeah, sure), URS is not even applicable to a .me domain, it should be UDRP. But the complaint is clearly under URS. Also the registrar (Cloudflare) should change the DNS to point to the suspension notice page. The domain points to the page but not the DNS entry.

All very weird. And I’ve got more important things to do. Guess I’ll just dump the domain and buy a new one with a .com TLD, hoping that that will not be taken down as easily.

But first I’ll wait for ADNDRC to respond. If they don’t know anything about a complaint too, like FORUM and MFSD, I’ll raise my hands up to the sky and call it a day.

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I doubt the registrar has any say in this. It’s a registry action, so I suspect the DNS changes happen higher up.

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Well, at least that’s what the lawyer told me.

I have not yet received a response, neither by Cloudflare (which is a shame, really), nor by ADNDRC. The latter I could at least understand because it’s like 11pm there. I suppose I’ll have to wait for them to get back to work.

Cloudflare still hasn’t responded yet. What’s going on? I’m paying money for that domain! Why the ■■■■ is nobody telling me why my domain has been taken down?

Cloudflare provides an at-cost registrar. This will have an impact on the availability of support. It doesnt mean that it isnt any there, but they have to help lot of people with limited resources. Given that consideration, you have have had pretty fast engagement from the Community that has hopefully helped you understand what is going on even if none of us know exactly why.

As @sdayman and the published URS documents indicate, it is intended to be used in obvious cases of trademark infringement. Do you have any idea what trademark your domain name may have contained?

Cloudflare is unlikely to be able to intercede in a legal matter between you and the URS complainant. If you submitted a registrar support request from your Cloudflare dashboard, it should receive a response when support staff are available to work the request.

Do you know if you have working email contacts on your domain? Have you checked the relevant spam quarantine or email server logs to see if an attempt was made to email you ahead of the suspension and it didn’t make it to your inbox?

Oh my god!

Okay, post-mortem…

First of all, I was able to solve the problem myself.

Now here’s for the explanation. The domain is used as a base domain for several subdomains that all point to my Cloudflare Tunnel. Behind the tunnel there is a local, bare metal Kubernetes cluster. Furthermore, I have a Fritz Box as router to the internet. Now for some reason I do not fully understand yet, CoreDNS inside my cluster always appended the normally local domain “fritz.box” to all internal DNS queries, even those inside the cluster. Why this has worked at all in the first place I do not know. Either way, the URS takedown page that I have been seeing on all my services was not a takedown notice on my own domain but that of the recently registered inofficial fritz.box domain that has recently been taken down, you guessed it, due to a URS complaint.

I still need to fully understand why the “fritz.box” domain was always appended to all DNS requests even inside my cluster and why it has lead to a silent forward to the public “fritz.box” domain witout even showing any sign of the forward.

Anyway, this explains why I haven’t received a takedown mail, why no one at the URS service providers knows about my domain, and why it looked like a false URS complaint for a non-URS .me domain.

Now that’s a learning!

Okay, problem solved. What a ride… Holy cow!


Thank you so much for updating us. While this is still certainly frustrating and disruptive, it is better than one of your domains being subject to the URS suspension. I am glad to hear that you are on on the tail end of this unpleasant experience.

If your Fritz box is running your DHCP server, I would take a look at the configuration to see if it assigning that fritz.box domain to hosts when they obtain their lease. Also look for a search domain list that passes out domains to try when querying unqualified hostnames.

Oh absolutely.

Yeah, I’ll dig deeper into the DNS settings of CoreDNS and my FritzBox router. The Box is indeed running as the DHCP server in my local network. It explains why the fritz.box domain is appended everywhere. And since I am in many cases not using the FritzBox itself as internal DNS server, the fritz.box domain got resolved outside my local network, probably by or - which point to the takedown page.

I’ll probably write a Medium article about it where I collect all the things that I’ve learned about this eff-up so far.

By the way, is there no way that I close my own support ticket here at Cloudflare? I can only change the priority and add information, but I don’t see a “close” button or similar. I do not need to bother the support team anymore with this topic. They wouldn’t be able to anything anyway, that’s obvious now.

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If you have noted the ticket indicating that you have resolved it, support should be able to easily close it when it reaches the top of the work queue.