URLDefense Proofpoint Saying My DKIM

1 of my domains here at Cloudflare is having an issue with DKIM and ProoPoint’s URLDefense. I have someone attempting to send an email to 2 different email addresses on this domain and it is coming back as undeliverable 550-DKIM: encountered the following problem validating <<<550 https://urldefense.com/v3/ etc…

signature_incorrect 554.5.0.0 Service unavailable

I have ran checks on DKIM, DMARC etc and everything comes back as valid and ok, anyone have any experience at this similar type of issue? Is it a configuration error on my part even though checkers are saying they are correct? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated

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Can you have that user send a message to the test address at mail-tester.com?

I ran mail-tester.com on my address from that same domain and the final score was 7.2/10 which is higher than the score I got when I ran a test on another domain email that uses Zoho…

T_DKIM_INVALID Your DKIM signature is not valid
Have a look at our DKIM test below to know why, this may be a false-positive was the only possible DKIM problem. Below that when it did the SPF, DKIM, and DMARC verification they all passed so I am at a loss to what may be going on. Is it a URLDefense issue with Cloudflare perhaps?

You’ll have to get a mail admin to assist with this.

Cloudflare DNS is doing what you’ve instructed for that TXT record which is why those records pass a syntax test, but Cloudflare has no control over how your email is DKIM-signed.

Appreciate the help…I wish I had a better understanding of what it was that URLDefense was actually attempting to do that is causing it to not be able to send to this address…it really sounds to me that it is something on their side and not mine that is causing the issue…

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