URL won't resolve without CNAME record? Why?


I have my A record setup but my domain resolves only after I add the appropriate “C Name” record with www.

Why doesn’t cloudflare resolve to my host IP without C name record?

I am little confused and like to understand the reason behind it. If anyone can enlighten me, that would be wonderful.


If you’re trying to reach a ‘www’ hostname, you need some sort of ‘www’ record in DNS. Either an “A” or a CNAME.

If you need more specific guidance, please post the domain name.

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You cannot create a CNAME when there is already an A record for the same hostname. As you managed to create a CNAME it indicates that you had an A record for example.com but there was no record at all for www.example.com



domain is mirava.co. I typed the address with www, however it still did not resolve it! Now it works but I am little confused about the mechanisms of DNS lookup. I get the concept of subdomain but what happens if I just don’t create subdomain on my host provider?

I need to get my head warp around this :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance.

You currently have a security issue.

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DNS is like a phone number. If you want to call www they have to exist. Otherwise the operator has no one to call. And on the other side there needs to be a host configured to accept requests (you can’t just call a random phone number and expect www to answer).

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Yes, I am aware, I didn’t have the time to install the SSL, I will fix it soon. I am just experimenting certain things and trying to understand the whole picture. Many thanks to everyone for your support. I apprciate it.

It’s not only the certificate though, you also need to change the encryption mode itself. Otherwise even a proper certificate would be still insecure. Keep that in mind when you add the certificate.

Yes I know :slight_smile: Thanks for reminding though. I didn’t set it to full encryption because a proper cert. in place, it gives an error.

That’s why

  • proper certificate
  • and proper encryption mode (Strict)

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