URL with Parameters getting 301

I hope someone can give me some insight.
Ive got a url: https://fabcbd.com/products/cbd-oil/?rfsn=3005861.a55c36
For some reason It’s getting a 301 redirect and stripping out the URL parameter.

This happens as soon as the page loads so it seems like it’s something that’s setup inside of cloudflare.

I’m not seeing what would be causing this. This is messing with our affiliate referral links.

What makes you think that is from Cloudflare?

Check your server logs for that redirect, that most likely comes from your server.

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And assuming your server IP address ends in 96 :slight_smile:

$ curl -I --resolve fabcbd.com:443:[ORIGIN] https://fabcbd.com/products/cbd-oil/?rfsn=3005861.a55c36
HTTP/2 301
server: nginx
content-type: text/html
content-length: 162
location: https://fabcbd.com/products/cbd-oil/
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I’ll definitely check with our host… I assumed it was with cloudflare as it we’ve had the same host for a while now and haven’t had any issues until after we recently started using cloudflare.

Thanks for the input.

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