URL will not resolve using

Hello – we’ve recently been made aware that clients of ours that use CloudflareDNS are unable to resolve our website URL arcticnetworksolutions.com. We can resolve this behind google, our ISP, other ISPs etc. But anyone using apparently can’t reach our website. We have confirmed we cannot reach it when using


That resolves for me:

Here’s some more troubleshooting information:

Mine resolves it as well I guess technically, but it never gets there? Maybe a routing problem?

This is from behind a local ISP DNS. This is what we’d expect to see.

I wouldn’t worry about Ping, as some servers block Ping requests.

I just purged that hostname from Cloudflare’s page and now the site is loading. Before, I was getting a cPanel “Site not found” screen.

Is there anything we would need to do on our side? We are still unable to load the page. It still just times out. We’ve flushed DNS cache as well still no luck.

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