URL / Web Forwarding (Redirection)

What would be the simplest way to create a URL forwarding? (And presumably the currently recommended method in Cloudflare.)

i.e. if example.com is using Cloudflare DNS, forwarding https://example.com/ to http://bing.com/

How can I choose whether the forward masks the forwarded address (in the browser) or it does not mask it?

How can I choose whether the full path is forwarded or whether all forwards simply go to the specified website (without any path forwarded)?

I would like the ability to forward both the apex/root/naked domain as well as a subdomain, such as www.

Use Redirect Rules to do the redirects (with/without paths and query strings as required), examples are here…

Cloudflare does not offer a masking option…

…but you can create one by using a Worker to read the data from one site and return for another.

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For a very basic redirect of example.com to bing.com, what is the currently recommended (and simplest) method to achieve this?

Secondly, would a simple CNAME work to accomplish this?

(I understand that Cloudflare permits a CNAME on the apex/root/naked domain.)

A CNAME is not a redirect, it just returns the IP address of the CNAME target for the hostname queried, and as most sites would return 404 for a hostname not on their server, it’s not going to do anything useful.

Use Redirect Rules, example here…

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