URL to use in Wordpress Settings

Hi first posting :slight_smile: and need some advice.

I use Wordpress and in the past under the settings I’ve set the url up as http://url.com both the Wordpress address and site address.

I was talking to a friend that said as the url is using cloudflare it should be https://url.com

Can anyone confirm this as I’m not able to find the information anywhere

Many thanks

I am afraid that’s rather a Wordpress specific question and should be covered in a Wordpress forum.

But if your site is on HTTPS, then you probably should specify that URL. Just make sure your server has a valid SSL certificate and your Cloudflare encryption is properly set to Full Strict.

But again, that’s really a question better for a Wordpress forum.


sorry I didn’t see the WP forum group will look for that and repost


I tried to delete the thread but it wouldn’t let me - I will contact the admin and they can delete and will post later in the correct section

There’s nothing to change here. You need to ask that in a different forum. Maybe try Forums | WordPress.org

But I did address your question earlier anyhow as well.

thank you I got the impression I shouldn’t respond to you in this section - will try the one you suggested

No worries, I am sure over at Wordpress they will be able to give you the right advice.

As far as Cloudflare is concerned, just make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict and you have a proper certificate on your server and you are good to go :slight_smile:

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