URL snooper reveals my domain ip address

Hello everyone!
I have an android application that shows some content from my php panel from my SQL database in my server that is connected successfully with cloudflare. While i open my application from bluestacks and i test it on URLsnooper it doesn’t reveal my website url. It only shows ssl urls. That’s the point. I wan’t to hide my domain if someone spoof my application. Because if someone finds my domain he can find the real ip of my website. Just by typing “cpanel.mysite.com” in whoishostingthis and guess what… he has my real ip address. So there is no point to use cloudflare.

The problem is that i have build the same app in another language in another server with the same things. Admin Panel, database etc. While im trying to spoof my app with URLsnooper, it reveals my domain. I don’t want this to happen. I want my domain to be hidden from everyone who tries to spoof my app. I have the same options like my other website in my cloudflare. The only difference is that in my first website i use wordpress and in the second i dont use wordpress just a blank page. I don’t have any public content. Everything else is the same.

What can cause that? I have search everything, everywhere but i can’t find any solution.

I am not quite sure what you mean. Whats your domain and how do you think your IP address could be discovered?

My domain is https://www.myarab-tv.com. If you go to whoishostingthis website and put for example “cpanel.myarab-tv.com” in searchbox it will reveal my real ip of the server.

Well, that particular record is not proxied and naturally points to your server. If you dont want that you either have to remove that record or proxy it as well.

I understand. But as you can see from the image, you can see that url snooper reveals my domain. In my other app it doesn’t reveal anything. So that’s my real problem. Why is hidden in my another website and here in this domain it reveals my domain? I have the same options as well in cloudflare.

I am not sure what you mean nor what URL Snooper is.

As long as that host is configured and not proxied it will show your address.

URL snooper is a program that spoof any traffic from the computer. And i am wondering what caused that because i have the same options, the same record proxies as well with the another website.

I am really not sure what you mean, but the issue you are referring to is because the host is not proxied.

Okey i will explain, i have an android app that is connected with this domain myarab-tv. It takes content from a database. If someone run the app and also run this program (URL snooper) he can see my domain. I don’t want this domain to be revealed.
In my other app you cant find the domain with the same method. The url is not revealed. This is what i want to do.

So your issue is not the IP address but some domain being revealed?

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Yeah i don’t want this domain to be shown if someone tries to spoof my android application. I did it in my other website. But here in this domain i can’t understand why i can’t. As i told you before i have the same cloudflare options. But domain is revealed.

Again, I am not sure what you mean by “spoof Android application”. But if your domain is used in your Android application, the domain will be visible there too.

Okey but why is hidden in my other Android application?

I am not sure what you mean by hidden.

This is what i want. To hide the url as well as the other application

I am afraid that really is not Cloudflare related. Maybe StackExchange can help you.

It is related. Because before i used cloudflare all traffic was visible.
When i started using cloudflare in my first website for first time and after spoofing with this program i figure out that my domain is not revealed anymore. So when i build the second application with my second website i figured out that the domain here is revealed. That is the problem.

Whatever is visible in an application is not Cloudflare related but because of your application.

I am sorry, but nothing here seems to be Cloudflare related.

I can’t understand why because is the same application. Same code. Only language and domain is changed.

I am sorry but you should really clarify this on StackExchange.