Url rewrite download link

On our website we have download links, e.g., zip files, that must not have a language prefix in the URL, but Cloudflare adds one.

E.g., on the site https://www.domain.com/fr/page.html there is in our origin code
<a href="https://www.domain.com/sites/default/files/downloads/file.zip" download>file.zip</a>

After inspecting the URL from the website, the code looks like this:
<a href="/fr/sites/default/files/downloads/file.zip" download="">file.zip</a>

The domain https://www.domain.com was removed, and the language prefix ‘/fr’ was added.

On our deployment server, this does not happen.

On Cloudflare we don’t have set any Transform rules.

How can we fix this problem?

This isn’t any behaviour I recognise as standard in Cloudflare, though I’m welcome to being wrong on that.

Do you have any Cloudflare Apps installed or any Cloudflare Workers running on your domains? Do you have the Auto Minify setting in Speed > Optimization enabled? (This wouldn’t do the country thing but it may cause the removal of example.com)
Any non-standard settings or deployments that might be altering the website HTML at or before Cloudflare?

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